Unfortunately, many of the below links have been taken down by the YouTube police.
I'll try to find them on other sites. The list below does not include every film Yamaguchi made.

1938 Honeymoon Express (not up)

1939 Song of White Orchid (only the first 8min of the movie is up right now)

1940 China Nights or Shina no yoru

1941 You and I or Kimi to boku (Korean Army)

1940 Vow in the Desert or Oath of the Burning Sand

1941 Suzhou Nights

1942 Winter Jasmine or Geishunka

1942 Yellow River (not up)

1943 Sayon's Bell or Sayon no kane (while it's still up)

1943 My Nightingale or Watashi no uguisu (a never seen before film!) (link provided by Peter Z.)

1943 Glory to Eternity or Wanshi liufeng (or Bansei ryuho). A most famous movie (make a copy of it in case it is taken down without cause).        Whole Movie.    Another good fragment. 

1944 Soldiers - Korean Army or Yasen gungakutai (Yoshiko only appears singing at 1:10:20 in this movie. this clip of Yoshiko singing might have been made previously and spliced into the film after the fact.)

1948 Shining Day of My Life

1948 The Passionate Mermaid (only a song from the movie)

1949 The Human Condition

1949 Homecoming

1950 Escape at Dawn

1950 Scandal (Akira Kurosawa, Director)

1951 Japanese War Bride (Twentieth Century Fox, by King Vidor) (distributed as East is East in Japan)

1952 Foghorn or Muteki

1952 The Woman from Shanghai or Shanhai no onna.

1953 Last Embrace or Hoyo

1954 Heavenly Bliss (Shaw Brothers, H.K.)

1955 House of Bamboo  (Twentieth Century Fox, by Sam Fuller)

1956 Madame White Snake (in color). Another link.

1957 Mysterious Beauty (Shaw Brothers, H.K.)

1958 The Angkor Wat Story

1958 Tokyo Holidays (her last film)

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