Mainichi Magazine Issue

Japanese books and magazines read opposite from western books:
the front page of the magazine p. 1, (with the spine on the right-hand side):

turn the above front page from left to right and this is what you see: p. 3 and 2

p. 5                                                            p. 4

p. 7                                                            p. 6

      Pingdingshan Village:                                    The great open-pit mine in Fushun:

her Yong'an Elementary School:             the Yamaguchi family residence in Fushun:  

"Fengtian was my castle of dreams".           Below, Mukden Imperial Palace photos:

old Japanese Theater:                      the elegant Dining Room in old Yamato Hotel:

1934: a typical 'hard-seat' section of the Manchuria train from Mukden to Beijing:

                                                     Mukden scenes:

the Songhua River:   below: Harbin                  Mukden:

with "Eternity" actress Chen Yunchang:    photos of Li Xianglan from Yoshiko's album:

news-clippings about the 1943 film "Glory to Eternity" from her scrap-book:

this series shows the Kamakura tea-house of Isamu Noguchi and Yoshiko:

this series of pictures is of the Shiki Theater production:

caption on small fetching picture above: she appeared in the Continental Trilogy

and the back cover p. 180:

Note to readers: I have taken the liberty of replacing those pages which originally only featured ads (such as p.2 and p. 179 above), with a couple of my favorite pictures. I left the back cover as is. 

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