Intelligence files.

Yoshiko Yamaguchi was under surveillance by American military intelligence when she repatriated to Japan in 1946 (and thereafter for many years):

Intelligence main concerns seems to have been: what were her political beliefs and whether she was engaged in espionage (or had sympathy with communism, etc). However, as the files reveal, intelligence was not only interested in her beliefs, but also encompassed all manner of personal data (such as sexual, marital status, anything illicit, immoral, perfidious, and derogatory, who the partners were, how often they came and went, who were her friends, what were their political associations, etc). Regarding all these aspects, the files are not much revealing of perfidy as they are hinting at it. They are filled with hearsay, innuendo, rumors, second-hand erroneous facts, and the like.

A good summary of the American intelligence organization in occupied-Japan:

The presumption of guilt conveyed by these intelligence files is also quite apparent (such as the comment "SUBJECT claims to be 26 years old", when in fact she merely (nay merrily) is 26 years old!). Another example of this predisposition is "SUBJECT visited the Russian Embassy in Tokyo to attend Christmas Party", the implication of which shows 'SUBJECT is a soviet espionage agent'. One gets the impression oftentimes when reading the files that 'agents' and 'informers' and 'sources' are all trying hard to make something out of nothing (perhaps to please the people who 'sign the checks').

Her file is held at the National Archive in College Park, MD.
I've quickly posting the following samples from the file until there is time to weave them into the main narrative on other pages:

a Counter Intelligence Corps Feb 1947 Report titled "Russian Christmas Party":

a very entertaining 1954 report by a Mr. Kawamoto of Civil Intelligence:

HCUA: House Committee on Un-American Activities:

this item is particularly revealing of Yoshiko's state of mind regarding her "Chinese-ness"; it also confirms what she has stated in her memoirs:

"her time is now taken up with the study of music":

note the last paragraph: "she would have been subject to a jail sentence had she refused":

1950 Honolulu, Hawaii Report:

the following 10 page FBI report of June 1952 contains a lot of information on Isamu Noguchi. It turns out that many of Noguchi's associates, friends, acquaintances, etc, were on the political left-wing, providing a lot of ammunition for much of the derogatory information on both Isamu and Yoshiko "association with known communist sympathizers". This information had the effect of preventing Yamaguchi from obtaining a visa to re-enter the United States at a critical time in both their careers, affecting both their lives negatively.

FBI report of August 1951:

American Embassy, Paris, France Report of Oct 1953, recommends her visa be granted:

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